December 14: Share Advice or a Lesson

Did you get any good advice or learn a valuable lesson this year? Was it expected or unexpected, easy or tough? Share what you learned.

A couple days ago I quietly boarded the Walking Dead bandwagon.  I had a little time to kill and I wanted to watch something but didn’t feel like watching a whole movie.  3 days later I’m halfway through the 3rd season.  Since I’ve spent more time in that world than the real one I can’t help but look at my surroundings through the lens of a zombie apocalypse.  Here is what I’ve learned.

You have to shoot them in the head.

You have to be quiet.

Find shelter.

Keep routines and chores going.

Wash the guts off your face.

Make friends, you’ll need a group to survive.

Cover your smell to camouflage yourself.

Establish a base.

Keep watch.

If your friend dies, kill them.

Don’t shoot them, use like a knife or something.

Wash the blood off your face.

You have to keep moving.

Stay together.

Be quiet.

Keep medical supplies close.

Don’t run into the woods by yourself.

Don’t stand close to deer.

Wash the blood off your face.

Don’t trust anyone.

Establish a base.

Stay on the move

Forage for supplies.

Establish a base.

Don’t trust anyone.

Make new friends.

Don’t trust anyone even if they seem really nice.

You should have a samurai sword or a cross bow.

Wash the blood off your face.

I thought these were just strategies for a hypothetical situation until I looked at them metaphorically.  In life, problems come at you and you can’t mess around. If you don’t shoot them in the head right away they will add up and become so many that there is no way you’ll make it out alive.

Be quiet about drawing attention to yourself.  No one likes a bragger.

Establish a home base, somewhere you can find rest and comfort but keep moving to new challenges and adventures.

You have to make new friends but some people can be harmful to you.  Keep a watchful eye, you don’t have to be suspicious but be cautious.  The first time a friend hints at killing you you should probably start to rethink that relationship.

Find your “sword or crossbow”  everyone has a tool that works so well when it’s in their hands.  For some it’s a pen, for others it’s a wrench.  You have to find your “weapon” and use it to it’s fullest.

Wash the blood off your face because that’s gross and in life people are going to wonder why you are covered in blood. It would be pretty hard to find a job unless you wanted to be, like, a butcher or something.  Then blood would be pretty acceptable.



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