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ThinkKit Day 16: What have you discovered this year?


I give you the most interesting man in the world.


I don’t know if this link will work WordPress is being real weird with videos…sorry I tried. But if it doesn’t work just search his name he has TONS of great footage/videos out there.

I discovered this crazy genius of a man this year and he’s changed the way I view A LOT of things like music, lyrics, language & humor.

He oozes with raw talent. What’s really interesting is that all of his performances are improvised! His music can go from complete gibberish to insanely soulful beats that you wished was a hit song!

All in all… I wish Reggie Watts could replace my car radio.

Emily (Know No Stanger)


Think Kit day 9: Surprise!!

A very surprising and exciting moment in Know No Strangers year was when we got asked to perform at the first Indianapolis Tedx event held in the Toby theatre located in the IMA.

Every year we put on an epic Optical Popsicle event (next year will be the 6th time?!). So this was nice to have a chance to show something on a small scale to an audience that maybe was there first time seeing something like this. We had a blast coming up with this heartwarming original story about the history of Indianapolis.